BIO ENERGO, s.r.o.

Our company founded in 2008 in Slovakia is engaged in the production of certified 6 mm diameter wood pellets and is operating on the European market.

We respect the sustainability of natural resources and seek to minimise the impact on the environment during the production. For that reason, we continuously innovate and modernise the work processes and capacities and our production line is one of the most modern in Europe. The energy consumed during the production is supplied from green energy sources. The average annual production capacity of our company is reaching up to 40,000 tons, thus making us a leader at the pellet production capacity on the Slovak market.


Pellets are made exclusively from debarked spruce sawdust with no chemical additives. Therefore, it is a unique way of heating, cleaner than using wood fuel or standard coal.
EN PLUS A1 pellets are of the highest quality and have an ISO 17225-2 certificate.


moisture6,5% (A1 standard is less than 10%) ISO 18134-2
ashes0,32% (A1 standard is less than 0.7%) ISO 18122
heating value17,31 MJ/kg (A1 norm is more than 16.5 MJ/kg) ISO 18125


a bag *15 kg package
Bigbag1 to 1.3 tons (depends on the order)
* the bags are stacked on EU pallets up to 1,200 kg

Depending on the specific order (amount, distance) – individual pickup or an arrangement of a truck.


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